Summer Starts with Strawberries

For our family Summer starts with strawberries. It's not really Summer until you go strawberry picking. There's nothing like dirt, the sun, and fresh fruit to make our hearts content. And as we continue to embark on simplicity and minimalist living, it's all about creating memories. Memories are free, memories last a lifetime. Kids don't need stuff, heck adults don't need stuff. We need rhythm, love, and routine. 

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Teaching The Love of Art at Home

art brings beauty to life. Art allows you to express yourself, make your home beautiful, and appreciate the many creations of God. It costs nothing yet it is so rewarding. Do you need a foundation to start with? Look no further than Atelier.

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From Shopper and Reseller to Minimalist

People Matter Things Don't, and clutter takes time away from baking with my children, playing with my children, reading to my children, taking time for self care, dating and spending time with my husband, and watering the seeds of friendships and business relationships. I am focusing on minimalism. So from shopper to minimalist it is.

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Finding Myself Eclectically

I do not fit in a box, and that's okay because I'm finding myself eclectically.

I recently mentioned to a mom in conversation that my family and I are homeschoolers. Her response was one I have gotten before "Wow! You don't look like a homeschool mom". I knew what she meant. I had on a trendy outfit (of course pieced together from bargain and thrift shopping). I am young, and here I am mid morning at a dance class with just one child. And while that comment could be off putting I get it. I don't look like a Duggar, and let me add none of my fellow homeschooling mommas look like Quakers women. 

See here's what I've come to terms with at almost 30:

  • I do not fit in a box.
  • I absolutely love spending my days hectic, and crazy and messy homeschooling.
  • I also adore spending every second possible sans children with my best friend and husband.
  • I am an ultimate girly girl. Make-up, shoes, shopping, chick flicks, gossip (I'm working on this) make me happy.
  • I also enjoy gardening, baking, and cooking from scratch, reading, and a nice cup of tea.

I am a recovering party girl, a born again Christian, and everyday working on being a better me. But I am eclectic, I wish there were more hours in the day to do more of the things I love, because I love a lot. Sewing, learning to knit, dancing, working out, crafting with my littles, trying to new restaurants..... I seriously want to do everything. I extremely social but I also need quiet alone time to recharge. I live for sunshine but love rainy days. I am finding myself eclectically, care to join me for the ride? I promise if you're in the New England area you'll want to be my bestie because I am a girl on the move, going places, buying stuff and eating things.