Do You Struggle With Self Care?

MOMS.....Why is it we struggle with giving into self care? We make excuses- we don't the time, we don't have money, we don't need it, we aren't superficial, we enjoy the gym 😅😉 (I teasing here- I do love working out)... but in all seriousness we give physical health more attention then we do mental and spiritual health.

Self Caring-It Up

The two should go hand in hand. I know no matter what size my pants are or what the number is on the scale if I'm not checking my mental and emotional temperature I can get unhealthy real fast! Rage, judgement, sadness, lack of energy, high blood pressure, uneasiness.... and the solutions are so simple!

Today I showered- a LONGGGG shower! I listened to bossUP Podcast I washed my hair, I used my wonderful Art Skin Care Mask.... I was in the bathroom for over an hour. And after I felt ready to love on and cater to my family 

I want to start a campaign! A call for action! I say we spend the entire month of September loving our whole self! September is national self care month!

Let's hold space for one another. Let's encourage each other. Let's hold hands and hold ourselves accountable!! We deserve to love our selves as much as we love our families

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