Living and Advocating with Purpose

As I embark upon a journey of bliss I strive for Purpose. 

After becoming a mother something inside of me changed, I'm sure it happens to most if not all. I felt I had a greater purpose in life. That soon encompassed my entire being. At times I felt lost, and confused and have struggled with staying true to myself. 

However as I watch my children grow, and see their little yet big personalities develop I am inspired. Inspired to not only advocate for my children but for myself, and live with purpose. 

I have purposefully lessened our calendar. I am purposefully removing clutter from our lives. I purposefully read more, and watch less television. I purposefully take time each day to spend time with God and be thankful. I am purposefully building businesses that cater to our family and lifestyle. I am purposefully saving our screen time for weekends so that I am able to do the things I enjoy, like working on my businesses, blog, sewing or crafting. I purposefully don't read books, blog or articles that create self doubt. 

I am also purposefully seeking out activities and environments that make me better. 

A Support Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs

A Support Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs

As a mother to uniquely amazing children, surrounded in world with unique, and diverse families I am purposefully striving to be more understanding and aware. There is a wonderful group of women meeting monthly at a beautiful maternal health and wellness studio in North Andover, MA. Acelleron Maternal Health & Wellness is a premier pregnancy and parenting wellness center focused on providing the resources and supportive community parents need to become empowered in the process of growing their family.

If you're in the New England area and know of any other amazing workshops or events please share below. 

Note: Although none of my children have been formally diagnosed with a special need I have a daughter, legally blind due to albinism, and two amazingly unique boys. I believe in uplifting and understanding those around us, and feel we could all benefit from knowing more. “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou