Teaching The Love of Art at Home

I spend my days teaching the love of art at home to my 3 small children. See, art lessons and an appreciation for art isn’t something I grew up with (outside of the public school art classes). I look back and realize how well I could have done with a solid foundation set on enjoying the many forms of art. 

One of the many reasons love Art is the beauty it brings. Art allows you to express yourself, make your home beautiful, and appreciate the many creations of God. It can cost nothing yet it is fulfilling.

I also love how it allows our homeschool days and lessons to become that much more exciting. Making art can incorporate math, science, history, and of course helps with the normal childhood development such as the fine motor skills that are essential to young children.

However with that said I really wanted a solid foundation for myself and my children in Art, to really understand and appreciate it. And why not start at the basics? 

The Atelier Program comes in a nice book complete with a binder full of lessons and DVD

The Atelier Program comes in a nice book complete with a binder full of lessons and DVD

I purchased Atelier art curriculum which offers DVD and Online step by step lessons. I of course chose the DVD form as I am a big reseller and wanted to ensure I would be able to recoup some of my costs, especially if it were something that didn't work for my family. 

I will say when you first look at the program the price seems a bit steep, however for $131.57 you get 10 lessons, with 3 children we would pay around $270 for lessons at somewhere like the Fine Arts where we've taken classes in the past. - I should also add that those classes are non-refundable or transferable so heaven forbid someone is sick (which this recently happened to us)- money wasted! With Atelier being home-based fear not, the money for this program is definitely definitely definitely spent well

Each lessons has taken us roughly 45 minutes-90 minutes to finish depending on how in depth the kids go (ages 3.5, 5.8, and 7), Each child has also stayed on course and enjoyed it. I am throughly pleased. 


I have also incorporated a couple goodies into our Art lessons from Usborne Books, which are tried and true successes. 

Additionally we are very blessed to have a few local museums and art classes that offer art classes for children as young as 3. Check your local art classes and studio to begin the journey toward a higher appreciation for art. 

Enjoying Art Class at The Fine Arts Muesum Boston 

Enjoying Art Class at The Fine Arts Muesum Boston 

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