Tea and Tarot Event- June 15

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Tea and Tarot.jpg

Tea and Tarot Event- June 15


Join Jazmine , High Priestess as she combines the beauty of tarot, life, wellness and connecting. 

Plant based wellness is encouraged during our session, as wholistic wellness has the ability to make the "right" brain (images, creativity dreaming, etc) more dominant than the "left" brain (logical, math, grounded). You will be able to relax and be open to messages, guidance, and relaxation out of this world. 

The evening will begin with tea and light snacks. As we allow everyone time to settle in the universe to work it's magic we will begin doing 15 minute readings- use the drop down to RSVP, and schedule your times will be provided. 

After you finish your reading you will continue to enjoy beautiful conversations tea sandwiches, salads, and kombucha. 

Please note your ticket includes your reading, food, and everyone attending will leave with a care package to enjoy (more) plant based medicine and healing in the comfort of your home. A GIFT from me to you. 

Care packages include special gifts including bath soaks, teas, organic chocolate, essential oils, and so much more.

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Please note 48 hours cancellation will be required for possible refunds.